Generosify started for a cause. My cousin Lynn is a breast cancer survivor. She loves her local Gilda’s Club, the home-away-from-home community center for people living with cancer. She was at a Gilda’s Club Fundraiser with many beautifully dressed women and thought of me – her stay-at-home-mom cousin with a thriving eBay business. She thought, I bet every single woman in here has at least one dress that she will never wear again that we can sell as a benefit for the club. She talked to the Director of Gilda’s Club and wallah – a declutter for a cause business was formed. The women of Gilda’s Club collected 130 dresses and over $2,000 was raised.

Generosify now works with individuals – one person decluttering her closet for the charity of her choice; with groups (instead of friends bringing you gifts at your next birthday party encourage them to bring a dress or two to donate); and with non-profits like Gilda’s Club.

Generosify is my family business. From us to you, thanks for decluttering and shopping for a cause!