Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my donated items be sold?

Besides right here on the generosify website, generosify has on-line shops on all the major e-commerce sites including EBay, Amazon, Etsy and Bonanza.  We also hold occasional live sales. We will advertise your items on any and all appropriate venues for maximum exposure.

How much will my charity receive?

Your chosen charity will receive up to 40% of the selling price.  Any item that sells for $20 or more gains the full 40% for your charity. Items that earn between $10 and $20 will give 30% to your charity and items that sell for less than $10 will donate 20% of the selling price.

What items does generosify accept?

We accept women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories.  All items must be new or in excellent shape with no tears, holes or stains.  We accept clothing by all well-known brands and designers.  The range of brands goes from quality mall brands like The Gap, Banana Republic or Anthropologie to designers like Prada, Armani or Tory Burch. Here is a more extensive list of brands we accept. Feel free to ask us if you have something to donate that is not on this list.

What happens to my items that do not sell?

We reserve the right to reject items based on brand or condition.  If we think that some of your items will not sell or if there are items that we post that do not sell for a full year, we will donate them to another nonprofit or to textile recycling. Not one item you donate to generosify will end up in the landfill, we promise!  We cannot return items to you so please try to only send items that we will be able to sell.

When will my items go on sale and when will my charity start getting donations?

The timing of your donations depends on what venue they sell on (EBay, Amazon, etc.). Some venues will deduct the donation and give it to your charity immediately at the time of the sale. For others, donations will be made quarterly: at the end of March, June, September and December.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! You will receive a report once all your items are sold or at the end of each year that totals your donations. You can use this report as a tax receipt.

When will my items go up for sale?

If your items are in season (a summer dress arrives to us in late spring or summer), you can expect them to be up for sale within a month of us receiving them.  If we receive items that will sell better later in the year, we will put them in storage until that time. You will receive notification when your first items are on-line for sale.

Will I receive notification of my sales and donations?

Yes! You will receive an email when your first items are on-line so you can track them live. You will also receive quarterly donation reports including an end of the year report that can serve as a tax receipt.

How do I get my items to generosify?

We provide free pick-up anywhere in New York City for collections of 15 items or more items. We are sorry we cannot offer free shipping quite yet… we are working on it!  Those with smaller collections or those outside New York are asked to mail in your items via regular USPS. Once the sale of your items earns enough to cover your shipping, we will reimburse you via Paypal. When your collection is ready for delivery, email us and we will arrange pick-up or give you the details on how to mail us your items.